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Sunday, 14 October 2012

رَبَّنا فَاغفِر لَنا ذُنوبَنا وَكَفِّر عَنّا سَيِّـٔاتِنا وَتَوَفَّنا مَعَ الأَبرارِ

اے پروردگار اب ہمارے گناہ بخش دے اور ہم سے ہماری برائیاں دور کردے اور ہمیں نیک لوگو ں کے ساتھ موت دے

Our ALLAH! Forgive us our sins and efface our bad deeds and take our souls in the company of the righteous

Monday, 25 June 2012


What do you see
when you look at me
Do you see someone limited,
or someone free

All some people can do is just look and stare
Simply because they can't see my hair

Others think I am controlled and uneducated
They think that I am limited and un-liberated

They are so thankful that they are not me
Because they would like to remain 'free'

Well free isn't exactly the word I would've used
Describing women who are cheated on and abused

They think that I do not have opinions or voice
They think that being hooded isn't my choice

They think that the hood makes me look caged
That my husband or dad are totally outraged

All they can do is look at me in fear
And in my eye there is a tear

Not because I have been stared at or made fun of
But because people are ignoring the one up above

Maybe the guys won't think I am a cutie
But at least I am filled with more inner beauty

See I have declined from being a guy's toy
Because I won't let myself be controlled by a boy

Real men are able to appreciate my mind
And aren't busy looking at my behind

Hooded girls are the ones really helping the muslim cause
The role that we play definitely deserves applause

I will be recognized because I am smart and bright
And because some people are inspired by my sight

The smart ones are attracted by my tranquility
In the back of their mind they wish they were me

We have the strength to do what we think is right
Even if it means putting up a life long fight

You see we are not controlled by a mini skirt and tight shirt
We are given only respect, and never treated like dirt

We are the ones that are free and pure
We're free of STD's that have no cure

So when people ask you how you feel about the hood
Just sum it up by saying 'baby its all good'

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

HIJAB Grants Respect and ALLAH's Raza...
So be Proud to Use and Keep Your HIJAAB...!!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Some Sisters do not truly know the excellence and virtue of Hijab, they feel envious of non-Muslim women. Because they see them looking ‘beautiful’ for all to see. Hence, the Muslim woman then compares herself with them and feels ‘ashamed’ of her own Hijab.

This is, therefore, a reminder to our sisters about the superiority of Hijab. It is a reminder that Hijab will always reign supreme and that a true Muslim man will forever be dazzled by the beauty of the Muhijabah (woman who wears the Hijab).

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Women are not created weaker but more generous than men. They are created more beautiful and less fierce, as beauty hates to hurt and harm others. That is why they seem weak to people, but in reality they are not. Angels are the strongest of created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light. It is the good manners and ethics of spirituality which they carry which makes them less forceful than men. Even physically, however, they are extremely strong. They undergo great upheavals in their body without flinching for the sake of childbirth, and face the direst physical conditions more successfully than men because God has enabled them to insure the survival of generations.
- Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)
I beg of you Muslims, PLEASE stop attributing quotes to Muhammad; no source and it never happened. Please stop that. Please.
i wish Muslims would do like al ghazali said pay attention to what is being said then who said it. 

Thursday, 31 May 2012

LOve My Hijab

for all those Muslimahs bearing the scorching heat this summer in full hijab, I pray that God blesses you immensely and continues to elevate your status in His eyes. And for those Muslimahs who are very close to wearing it this summer, I pray that Allah blesses you immensely and provides you with much wisdom and patience in your endless journey. And for all those Muslimahs who are still struggling to find reasons to approach the physical hijab, I pray that Allah blesses you immensely as well, protecting and guarding you as He raises your level of faith by degrees and degrees. 
We all got this inshaAllah. Keep going; I love you. i love my Hijab 
True beauty of a women is not on how many men admired her, rather on from how many men she saved it just because she wanted to save herself from "him".

Sunday, 27 May 2012

“Modesty and faith are both companions: when one is taken away the other is taken!”
Head to toe in black on a summers day.
The difference between me and you is that I don’t put myself on display.
I’d rather be judged by the things I do and say,
Not for the shape of my body or colour of my skin,
I had no say in the body God put me in.
But I do have a choice on the way I want to be viewed,
That’s why I chose INTELLECT over Nude.

Hijab is Not to Protect Men, But to Honor Women.
“Hijab should not become inflated as a symbol that boosts the religious standing of a woman’s family, nor a flag of political Islam, nor a tool to show off her piety, nor a cloth of guilt that makes her hate it.

It is instead, a command from God that comes in the most beautiful manner, for her own protection, her own elevation, and her own dignity.”
Dear Muslimah! Be like a pearl; precious & rare,
not like a stone found everywhere!
Seek the pleasure of Allah by wearing Hijab & let it testify that:

“You believe in Allah, You submit to Allah & You follow His orders!”