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Thursday, 31 May 2012

LOve My Hijab

for all those Muslimahs bearing the scorching heat this summer in full hijab, I pray that God blesses you immensely and continues to elevate your status in His eyes. And for those Muslimahs who are very close to wearing it this summer, I pray that Allah blesses you immensely and provides you with much wisdom and patience in your endless journey. And for all those Muslimahs who are still struggling to find reasons to approach the physical hijab, I pray that Allah blesses you immensely as well, protecting and guarding you as He raises your level of faith by degrees and degrees. 
We all got this inshaAllah. Keep going; I love you. i love my Hijab 
True beauty of a women is not on how many men admired her, rather on from how many men she saved it just because she wanted to save herself from "him".

Sunday, 27 May 2012

“Modesty and faith are both companions: when one is taken away the other is taken!”
Head to toe in black on a summers day.
The difference between me and you is that I don’t put myself on display.
I’d rather be judged by the things I do and say,
Not for the shape of my body or colour of my skin,
I had no say in the body God put me in.
But I do have a choice on the way I want to be viewed,
That’s why I chose INTELLECT over Nude.

Hijab is Not to Protect Men, But to Honor Women.
“Hijab should not become inflated as a symbol that boosts the religious standing of a woman’s family, nor a flag of political Islam, nor a tool to show off her piety, nor a cloth of guilt that makes her hate it.

It is instead, a command from God that comes in the most beautiful manner, for her own protection, her own elevation, and her own dignity.”
Dear Muslimah! Be like a pearl; precious & rare,
not like a stone found everywhere!
Seek the pleasure of Allah by wearing Hijab & let it testify that:

“You believe in Allah, You submit to Allah & You follow His orders!”

Thursday, 10 May 2012

what we think ?

Hijab: the Islamic Covering

Hijab is an important part of Islam for both Muslim males and females. It is a concept which is often misinterpreted as just simply the head covering for Muslim women.  Hijab is a concept of modesty which is part of the Islamic lifestyle.  This exhibit will showcase various styles of hijab as well as explain what the sacred concept of hijab truly is. Some of the aspects of hijab that will be explained are:
  • Islamic interactions
  • Hijab for both genders
  • Misconceptions surrounding hijab

Hijab is a different definition of beauty ♥

Beauty is the Hijab, Complementing the natural splendor of a womanHiding that which is hers, Promoting a sense of awarenessThat all she does is for her Lord...Following 4 verses from Al-Quran give us general guidelines concerning Hijab: Sura-e-Noor 24:30 & 31Sura-e-Luqman 31:19 Sura-e-Ahzab 33:59

hijab is modesty